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The Best Insurance Services

We are a proud home-grown Insurer.

We specialize in providing affordable insurance solutions for the PNG market.

We are supported by comprehensive reinsurance programs organized through our Lloyds accredited reinsurance broker.


Insurance made easy for you

Why Choose SCAL?

Our aim is simple- to make insurance affordable and easy for you to understand and appreciate. We believe in loyalty and we go beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure our clients’ needs are understood and met ‘On Time, Every Time’.


To be the leading locally owned insurer in Papua New Guinea

One for the future


The name ‘Southern Cross Assurance Limited’ is inspired by the Southern Cross constellation and its significance to some cultures in Papua New Guinea and many others across the pacific region. It is appreciated as a symbol that epitomizes ‘guidance for a safe journey’. The Southern Cross was a constant guiding light that instilled feelings of security and confidence in sailors travelling by sea during risky trading voyages.

In times gone by before Papua New Guinea gained independence, the Motu people, the traditional land-owners of Port Moresby (PNG’s capital city) used to go on annual trading expeditions to the Gulf of Papua (now Gulf Province). The Motu called these expeditions ‘Hiri’. Each year Motuan men built large, multi-hulled sailing canoes called ‘Lagatoi’ and the women molded and prepared large clay pots used for cooking and storage called ‘uro’. The captains and crew members not only had to be prepared physically but they were also put through deep spiritual

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